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When you want to play Blackjack Online, there is one site that will give you all of the information that you need to do so in a way that is well informed and more likely to bring you some wins. Not only can you find details here about the history of blackjack and how it came to be, but you can also explore the options for blackjack strategy which may come into play as well as finding the best examples of online games which may allow you to become a big winner over the course of your internet games.

Blackjack Buzz App

Those looking for a new form of blackjack strategy to tackle might enjoy the Blackjack Buzz game, which introduces Joker boosts as well as a social and interactive challenge mode so that you can go up against your friends and beat them with your superior skills.

The man who beat the house

Don Johnson became an instant legend when he brought Atlantic City to its knees and walked away with a total of $15 million! In just a couple of weeks in early 2011, Johnson took $6million from Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino, $5 million from Borgata and another $4 million from Caesar’s.

Blackjack Switch Review

Blackjack Switch is a very innovative and exciting variant of blackjack from Playtech. In this game you are dealt two hands instead of one, which means that there is some new blackjack strategy to be learned. After the first two cards are dealt to you, you have to option of switching the second cards to […]

Blackjack Video Tutorial

Blackjack has always been regarded as a classic amongst online gambling games, however this aged champion has never ceased to attract new players due to it’s huge level of fun. The absolute joy that you experience when taking part in this game behaves as a accreditation for its entertainment importance. Blackjack having its many variants […]

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